School Visits

School Visits by Lam Rim (Wilts & Glos)

Members of the Lam Rim (Wilts & Glos) group have made visits to local schools in the last year to allow students to ask questions and learn more about Buddhism. This has been at the requests of those schools. If you would like us to visit your school then please contact us. There follows an accounts of a visit to St. Augustine’s Catholic School. 8th March 2010.

Talk on Buddhism by Geshe Thinley at St. Augustine’s Catholic School

The talk was delivered as part of an assembly for the Religious Education curriculum. Jayne England accompanied Geshe Thinley. An initial introduction was done by the teacher and our group after which Geshe Thinley gave his talk. Geshe La explained concepts such as Four Noble Truths, impermanence and compassion to the students in a very simple and effective way. Students and staff really warmed to Geshe-la`s kindness, empathy and good humour. Geshe-la used day to day examples to explain the concepts. The students also asked some interesting questions after the talk. For example, Geshe Thinley was asked regarding tolerance to other religions. For example if people should go to other religious places. Geshe-la answered that of course it would not give you any illness, so what is the problem? The students very very happy with this answer and it seemed simple and logical to them. They appreciated the message of peace and tolerance conveyed by Geshe-la. Subsequent to the talk some students and teachers came and spoke to us, looked up the books of Buddhism and books by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Teachers and students were also interested in meditation. We had an email from the teacher thanking us and were told that both the students and staff found the talk very interesting and thought provoking.