Monks Sponsorship


A total of 29 monks are currently sponsored by individuals through Lam Rim (Wilts. & Glos.) plus 5 monks sponsored by the charity. There are many other monks that do not have support. Sponsoring is easy. It costs £40 (or whatever you can afford) every three months when a Western Union Money transfer is sent to India (£1 extra is added to cover costs).


Your sponsorship donations cover room, board, robes, health care, educational resources, and a small stipend for these deserving monks. In Tibet these expenses were traditionally covered by members of the family, but as refugees, these monks have either left their families behind or have come into exile with other family members who are similarly impoverished. After the Chinese Communist invasion of Tibet in 1959 and the forced closure and destruction of its 6,500 monasteries, some 250 monks from Loseling managed to escape the holocaust and rebuilt their institution in Karnataka State South India. The traditional training program was thus preserved. Over the years many more young spiritual aspirants have fled Chinese-occupied Tibet and sought entrance into the monastery, thus helping to preserve their traditional culture. With the Dalai Lama’s blessings the monastery was re-established in 1971. The number of monks presently in the re-established Drepung Loseling has increased to more than 2,500. The elders of the monastic community support the young students of the monastery through the small farm attached to the monastery, as well as through a number of small cottage industries. We enjoy a treasured communication with the monastery, receiving letters and photographs, prayers and good will, advice and good humour – a valuable insight into another culture.

The heart of Tibetan culture resides in its spiritual teachings, which are preserved in the sincere and dedicated practice of these monks.

If you wish to become a sponsor contact 01249 715152.