Lam Rim (Wilts. & Glos.) Buddhists have been established in and around Corsham for 20 years offering free classes and teachings on how to meditate and take the practice into everyday life.  We offer four classes a week in Corsham for meditation, discussion, puja and study, as well as regular visits and teachings from Geshe Lobsang Thinley.

Phone us for venue details – 01249 715152  or  07726 332198

Saturdays 5pm till 6:30pm   NOTE  – NO TEACHING ON 18th MARCH

A shortened version of the Tara Puja is followed by Geshe-la’s teachings on the Lam Rim, based on the sutras that the Buddha taught.
Geshe-la (Lobsang Thinley) studied in the Gelukpa tradition of Tibetan Buddhism (dating back to 14th Century).  He gained a high degree as Doctor of Philosophy (Lharampa Geshe) at the Drepung Monastic University in South India.  This tradition practices a specific, systematic path to enlightenment – freedom from suffering –a lofty goal.  But the practices are presented here on Saturdays to ponder, digest and discuss how to use Tibetan 14th Century tools in a modern Western environment!
Geshe Thinley is known well for his contagious light-hearted cheerfulness.

All Welcome.

MEDITATION SESSIONS.   Drop-in classes, open to all

Thursdays 7:30pm till 9:00pm

These sessions are facilitated by different people each week with a variety of techniques to aid relaxation and apply the principles of meditation.  We share gentle Tai Chi movements, breathing meditations and contemplation and discussions on compassion and loving kindness, along with the joy of sitting with others and sharing our understanding of the practices.

Monday and Saturday morning sessions

Morning refresh sessions to start the day and inspire your meditation practice:  Mondays: 9:30am to 10:30.  Saturdays: 10:00 to 11am. 

All classes are offered free of charge.  Any donations received will help to cover costs.